October 02, 2012

Nasty Gals Do It Better

Three months ago, I joined the Nasty Gal Instagram Contest, wherein you just post a photo on Instagram that says NastyGalsDoItBetter. So I posted a few entries.

This was the entry featured on their page.
My entry was featured on their page.
Screenshot from my iPhone.

Being featured on their page was overwhelming for me because it was the first time that my work got featured and they have more than four thousand entries to choose from. From there, I decided to post another entry on the last day of the contest.

And guess what happened next? 

I won the second place on the Nasty Gal Instagram Contest. Not bad eh? I was so ecstatic that time, I got a $500 Nasty Gal gift card + a swag bag. It was my first time winning a contest like that.  

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